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Wolfgang rides again.   
01:59am 03/09/2002
mood: murderous
I have heard that there is a war in Middle-Earth.

As the ruling house of Númenor is good friends with Mother Rohan and her various hordes, I would like to take this opportunity to announce that Númenor will soon be landing on the shores of Dol Amroth with a large force.

Which I will lead.


Now, where is my butcher knife and set of meat cleavers?
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04:33pm 27/06/2002
mood: don't mind me
I have been in mourning for my daughter.

But I heard she got married, despite the fact that she is dead.

So I suppose that is a good thing.
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No one kidnaps my children without my express written permission!   
11:43pm 05/06/2002
mood: somewhat forceful
Excuse me.

The very second my husband and I find you and my only daughter will be the second you will suffer an excruciating demise, the form of which I have not yet chosen.
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I love Númenor. It doesn't suck, and you can't have it.   
03:10am 03/06/2002
mood: territorial
Anyone who wishes to court my grandson should go through me, or face my wrath.
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10:45pm 10/05/2002
  Women are consistently treated like objects. I, for one, did not even have a name until I chose one for myself.

And now my daughter, Tindómiel, has been treated like some common whore to be left out in the street by her cousin.

It just goes to show that you should never date family.

Now to find my pickaxe.
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03:53am 29/04/2002
mood: queenly
Yes. Númenór.
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12:07am 29/04/2002
  My sweet husband is evidently the object of many people's desire.

Some of this I have witnessed for myself, but mostly it's been word-of-mouth.

I am not threatened. I know what is rightfully mine.


I love you, darling.

As for Númenór, well, I didn't exactly mind it, but I think it should stay where it is.

That is all.
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12:28am 24/04/2002
mood: pleased
It's come to my attention that my daughter has been "seeing" her cousin.

I really had been gone far too long!

He seems like a polite boy, and I don't think he has performed any sick experiments too recently.

And he's not her brother!

I thank my lucky stars.
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My poor (other) baby!   
02:38pm 22/04/2002
mood: worried
Nally has been bitten by a lemur and is a bit delirious. I warned him about the teeth, but he didn't listen!!!!

Ergo, my husband and I are off to Madagascar to scold him and perhaps fix him up a bit.

Nally, Nally, Nally. What are we going to do with you?
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...I have chosen a name   
03:54am 20/04/2002
mood: accomplished

From this moment on, my name shall be Wolfgang!

Henceforth, I shall be addressed as such, or I shall become angry. No more "OY, WIFE!" or "WOMAN!" for this independent woman.

My beloved husband had best adjust to this change very quickly indeed.

I hope you aren't offended.

Thank you, my sweet daughter, for your help.
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07:27pm 18/04/2002
  I have no name.

Perhaps I shall choose one for myself.

Not that anyone would notice.

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